TITAN Rarity Burning Challenge 
2:17 pm


  • Collection Challenge Rules 
  • Important Dates 

To all of the people out there with good taste in sports movies and happen to be Greek Mythology lovers: let the TITANs out! Candy is rolling out our first ever burning challenge, and here’s what you need to know. In addition to the rarities currently in our 2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Core), we are introducing the TITAN rarity. The TITAN rarity falls between Epic and Legendary, and is capped at 100 per featured player.

Important!! TITANs cannot be pulled from packs. A TITAN can only be obtained by burning a collection of existing ICONs through a TITAN Challenge, which will highlight selected players that currently have an Epic or Legendary rarity. You can build your collection of necessary ICONs through the packs you opened on the primary market or the individual ICONs you may have picked up on the secondary market. 

Only 2022 MLB Leadoff Series ICONs are eligible for the burn challenges. TITAN Challenges will occur weekly, with a different list of players per week to chase. The challenge timeframe will run from 9am ET Mondays through 5pm ET Thursdays. The TITAN rarity will only be available to be minted during the weekly TITAN Challenge. So if only 50 people burn ICONs to mint a player TITAN, there will only be 50 of that TITAN rarity ICON ever minted.

These challenges will run on a point-based scale, with different points coinciding with different rarities. 200 players will be available as part of the TITAN burn challenge including all 100 Legendaries. BURNING IS A PERMANENT ACTION! Once ICON NFTs are burned for a new TITAN ICON, the action cannot be reversed.

Point Breakdown:

  • Must submit (burn) at least 100 points worth of 2022 MLB Leadoff Series ICONs 
  • *51 points must be the featured player 

Points by Rarity:

  • Core = 3 points 
  • Uncommon = 6 points 
  • Rare = 15 points 
  • Epic = 40 points 
  • Example → To mint a new Mike Trout TITAN ICON, a user could burn two Epic Trout ICONs (80 points) + one Rare ICON (15 points) + one Uncommon ICON (6 points) = 101 total points.

We will roll out our Version 1 process while our team works on improving our Collection Challenge experience. We’ll release the specifics shortly, including a tutorial, so stay tuned!

The first TITAN Challenge in Candy history starts in June (exact date TBD)! Happy collecting Candy fam, hope you strategize well!