TITAN Collection Challenge Details
12:09 pm


  • TITAN Tutorial
  • Full set collection challenge 
  • Remaining Leadoff Series packs 

Meet the TITANs
You’ve been waiting in anticipation for the past couple of months, and we’re excited to bring you the first 2022 MLB ICONs TITAN Burning Challenge coming this Monday, July 18th @1 PM ET!

Here’s all the details you’ll need to know:  

To receive a TITAN ICON, you must submit (burn) at least 100 points worth of ICONs and AT LEAST 51 points need to be of the featured player that will receive the TITAN rarity.

Points by Rarity (2022 Leadoff ICONs only):

  • Core = 3 points 
  • Uncommon = 6 points 
  • Rare = 15 points 
  • Epic = 40 points 
  • ExampleTo mint a new Mike Trout TITAN ICON, a user could burn two Epic Trout ICONs (80 points) + one Rare ICON (15 points) + one Uncommon ICON (6 points) = 101 total points.

Only 2022 MLB Leadoff Series ICONs are eligible for the burn challenges. TITAN Challenges will occur weekly, with a different list of players per week to chase and 5 to start, subject to change. The challenge timeframe will run from 1 PM ET Mondays through 8 PM ET Thursdays. The TITAN rarity will only be available to mint during the weekly TITAN Challenge. So if only 50 people burn ICONs to mint a player’s TITAN, there will only be 50 of that TITAN rarity ICON ever minted. Note: Burning is a permanent action that cannot be reversed!

TITANs will be revealed when challenges go live. For a list of all available TITANs, check out our handy checklist

TITANs will be randomly serialized, and our team is aiming to deliver them into your collections by Friday, the following day after challenges conclude.

There will be a FCFS queue. Those who are first to enter the queue will have a 10-minute window where they will be able to burn ICONs. They will then be placed in a cooldown period of 3 minutes before being able to re-enter the queue. Note: The cooldown is limited to a single player. You will be able to burn for another player’s TITAN if you’re in a cooldown period from a previous burn.

If you try to burn after 100 TITANs of a selected player have been minted, you’ll receive a “no longer available” message. 

Be ready to find out which TITANs are available each week by checking our social and Discord each Monday.