Marketplace Pre-listing
12:04 am


  • Pre-list your NFTs today to get ready for the launch on January 15
  • Walkthrough the steps you need to take to pre-list your Candy NFTs

We want your marketplace experience to be great from the start! All U.S. Candy product owners will have the opportunity to pre-list their NFTs before the marketplace opens (Canadian residents will be able to list regularly at launch). You must be registered on in order to access your collection as well as the Marketplace pre-listing. 

To list your NFTs: 

  • Visit and “My Collection”
  • In your collection, choose an NFT and click “View Details” 
  • At the bottom of the description, click “Pre-list on Marketplace” 
  • Verify your identity (a one time thing)
  • Enter in your listing price
  • Click “Confirm and Pre-list”

Once your NFT is listed, it will feature a banner saying, “My Pre-listing.” If you decide to change the listing price, you can go back and edit it. You can also delete the listing as a whole, keeping the NFT in your collection. To edit or delete your listing, click on the NFT to view and under the description there is an “Edit Pre-listing” button. 

Come mid-January when the marketplace goes live, products will already be there for purchase. Sell your NFTs, explore the marketplace, or buy a new NFT right from the get-go. For more updates and announcements keep up with Twitter and Discord!