Leadoff Pack Drop 6 Specifics
3:08 pm


  • Pack Details 
  • Players Included 

Our final batch of 90 players is almost here! Leadoff Series Lineup 6 drops this Tuesday, June 14th. With this release, the full set of 630 players will be out on the market for you to complete your collections! 

Get your collector skills ready for the TITAN Challenge! Now that all players will be available, you can start building your collections to burn for the new TITAN ICON. Remember! You cannot find a TITAN in packs, you can only build a collection of the required ICONs to burn. 

Look for your favorite player among the new list! Happy pack ripping Candy Fam! 

Lineup Specifics:

31,000 packs per drop

More details:

  • 100 players will have a Legendary 
  • 260 players will have an Epic 
  • 480 players will have a Rare
  • 720 players will have an Uncommon and a Core 

Drop Details:

  • Tuesday, June 14th ~ 31,000 packs 
  • 10am ET early access, 12pm ET general access 
  • $30 per pack
  • The public sale window for each drop will run from Tuesday 12pm ET to Friday 8pm ET, while supplies last.

Dynamic Stats* are part of the 2022 MLB ICONs and will be updated daily. Each day, you can track the performance of your favorite MLB players and see their current stats on the back of your ICON.

*Note that Dynamic Stats will be viewable on desktop and mobile users with the latest models.

Players Included 

Top Players in Lineup 6:

  • Spencer Torkelson - The first overall pick of the 2020 draft has definitely proved his spot on Detroit’s 40-man. Torkelson, who played at Arizona State, is one of the best bats to come out of college baseball in a while. He’s gone yard three times already in 20 games – demonstrating that point even further. 
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. - Fernando Tatis Jr. is already deemed a superstar and he’s just getting started. In his only three seasons, El Niño has two Silver Slugger Awards to match his 81 home runs and 195 RBI; on the other side of the ball, he's defensively versatile, being able to play multiple positions. He’s quickly becoming the face of the league, but will continue to be the face of the San Diego Padres for years to come thanks to his 13-year contract. 
  • Corbin Burnes -  Corbin Burnes had a standout season last year with 234 strikeouts and a winning record as a starting pitcher, winning himself the 2021 Cy Young award. Burnes has a career record of 427 Ks. He’s been in Milwaukee since his rookie season in 2018.  
  • Carlos Correa - When Carlos Correa entered free agency after the 2021 season, he was one of the top players in the market. He was the number one overall pick in 2012 (at just 17 years old), 2015 Rookie of the Year and picked up a Silver Slugger in 2021. He’s a top player in most categories and won the Platinum Glove in 2021 also as the league's best defender.
  • Corey Seager - The 2020 NLCS MVP and World Series MVP, Corey Seager, was also the 2016 Rookie of the Year with two Silver Sluggers in 2016 and 2017. He spent the majority of his career in LA as a Dodger and was an early move this off season. Now a Texas Ranger, he’s part of the most expensive infield in the league. Seager is one of the best shortstops in the league with no drop off offensively, both sides of the 10-year $325 million deal are doing alright. 
  • Adley Rutschman - Recent call up Adley Rutschman is making his mark behind and at the dish for the Orioles. The former Oregon State Beaver was named the number one prospect and was an easy selection by Baltimore. The switch-hitter was ready for his debut bringing in a triple for his first hit. There is plenty more to come from Rutschman and what he can bring to the franchise.

Early Access

With new Lineups come new Early Access groups, so here’s what you’ll need to know down below.

Early Access groups for Lineup 6 include:

Tier 1

  • All-Star Full Set Holders (One-time snapshot taken on March 31, 2022 11:59 PM ET)
  • Uncut Diamonds Full Set Holders (One-time snapshot taken on March 31, 2022 11:59 PM ET)
  • MLB Stadium Series Chaser Completionists (Original List of Stadium Chaser recipients)
  • Candy Suite Members
  • Candy Discord “Day Ones”

Tier 2

The Final snapshot will be taken on June 13 @ 9 AM ET

Holders at the time of each snapshot will be eligible for the Lineup immediately following the snapshot: 

  • Candy Sweet Futures Basketball Chaser Holders 
  • Legendary 2021 MLB ICONs Holders (2021 All-Star and Uncut Diamonds; 2022 Legendaries do not apply) 

Tier 3

In addition to the tiers above, Tier 3 is for groups that are granted early access for a limited number of Lineups. The snapshot for Tier 3 will be taken June 13, 2022 9 AM ET. The Tier 3 Early Access Groups for Lineup 6 are:

  • Epic ICON Holders (2021 or 2022)
  • 2021 World Series Silver Trophy
  • Jackie Robinson Signed Baseball

Note that early access groups do not “stack”. There will be one early access window for each Lineup as specified above. Also note this is how early access is being conducted for these particular drops. It does not mean this is always how early access will be conducted for all future drops.

Please ensure you’ve verified your account ahead of time for best practice and to avoid issues during our pack drops.