Marketplace Launches Jan. 15
12:09 pm


  • Buy & Sell Candy MLB NFTs beginning Jan. 15 
  • Prelist your NFTs the first week of January 

New Year, new opportunities, endless possibilities! We know how eager everyone is for the marketplace and we cannot wait to bring it to life.

With the launch swiftly approaching, here’s what to expect when the marketplace goes live next month …🍬

  • Ability to buy or sell NFTs including unopened packs
  • Candy Balance: your money on the platform made from selling Candy NFTs 
  • Purchase items in the primary or secondary market with your Candy Balance
  • Transfer out funds in your Candy Balance via wire
  • Search for NFTs in the Marketplace
  • One NFT per transaction

Want a taste of interacting with the marketplace before it's launched? Pre-listings will become available the first week of January for U.S. residents (Canadian residents will be able to list regularly at launch). What do pre-listings mean? You’ll be able to list your NFTs ahead of time, but without the ability for others to be able to purchase. It’s a way to interact with the platform and flex your collectibles on the marketplace for everyone to see before we lift off. 

This marketplace will house everything Candy x MLB. All products dropped from our October beta launch until now, including Play of the Day, All-Star Icons, Uncut Diamonds, unopened packs, 2021 World Series Collection and the Team Candy Jersey. If you missed out on a drop, your second chance to purchase is coming. Products that were sold on Bitksi will not be part of the marketplace at launch but our team is working on bridging those NFTs some time next year.

Our engineers have been working hard to create a marketplace with exceptional functionality, security and user experience. We can’t wait to share it with you and see the Candy collections you build in 2022.