Candy Launches Free Exclusive Stranger Things 4 Digital Collectibles
5:38 pm

Candy Digital has teamed up with Netflix for the release of the first line of Stranger Things digital collectibles, kicking off a new partnership. In tandem with the much anticipated release of Stranger Things 4 , fans of the series can earn official digital collectible rewards for free by playing an immersive online game that takes place in the Stranger Things universe.

Candy worked closely with Netflix to produce a series of digital collectibles that brings the world of Stranger Things faithfully to life in a new digital art format. An accompanying online game experience captures the show’s supernatural ‘80s vibe, as fans are guided to hidden clues, puzzles, and dive deeper into the series they’ve loved since its debut.

11,111 exclusive and free Stranger Things 4 digital collectible rewards will be available to be claimed by fans who complete the game’s challenges. Each limited edition collectible art piece incorporates one of 18 characters from the series, so be on the lookout for clues on how to participate and be rewarded with your favorite character. An additional series of Stranger Things 4 digital collectibles is planned for release later this year.

While Candy’s journey began with sports, this new collaboration with Netflix extends its reach into the universe of pop-culture and entertainment. Authentic digital collectibles…awesome innovation…new ways for fans to connect with what they love - this is fandom reimagined!

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