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BAZOOKA Bubble Gum Original Retro 6 Stick Mini-Wallet Pack, 12 Count, 2 Pack

1.0 lbs - Item Id: 228-00008


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/ $15.18 per Pack

"Bazooka brand's iconic bubble gum is now available in a sleek, on-the-go slim wallet pack! The signature taste of Bazooka Bubble Gum you know and love with a throwback to the brand's classic Look on the packaging plus original comics!
Wallet packs come with 6 soft and chewy chunks of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Unwrap each piece to enjoy the original Bazooka Joe comics play while you chew-thee jokes never get old. Bazooka also lets you take the fun online, with unique codes under each wrapper that let you unlock fun videos, games, and other exclusive content at the candy mania website.
The 12 Count box means you can share Bazooka Fun for everyone. Try the delicious gum that fans worldwide have loved for generations!
Disclaimer: may contain soy."

Selling UPC Code: 819576024682

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