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SCHARFFEN BERGER: 41% Milk Nibby Bar:12 Count

2.3 lbs - Item Id: 10-00337


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Regular Price: $54.95

Special Price $43.96

/ $3.66 per Each

41% Milk Nibby Bar: 12 Count Nibby Bars. We think of them as a candy bars for grownups. The newest edition to our 3 Ounce lineup is the 41% Cacoa Milk 3 Oz Nibby bar which has a rich caramel flavor and crunchy texture. Flavor: Milk Chocolate

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Product Reviews

  • Posted 11/17/2010

    chocolate connoisseur - By Rebecca Williams

    This is as good as it gets from my point of view: high cocoa content, not too sweet or caramelly tasting, bars just the right size since I will eat the whole one. Nibby might be an acquired taste but version without nibs also excellent. Wish someone could get the 70% cocoa milk chocolate in. I am eager to try that one.

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