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RITTER SPORT: Milk Butter Biscuit Bar: 11 Count

2.5 lbs - Item Id: 10-00827


Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $39.95

Special Price $31.96

/ $2.91 per Each

Milk Butter Biscuit Bar: 11 Count RITTER SPORT Butter Biscuit is made with our classic milk chocolate. The full-bodied underlying flavour of West African cocoa is harmoniously rounded off by the subtle tartness of fine cocoas from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. Its 30% cocoa content combines with smooth cocoa cream and crunchy shortbread biscuit to make the perfect RITTER SPORT trio. Each piece is approximately 3.5oz. Flavor: Milk Chocolate

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Product Reviews

  • Posted 5/20/2012

    N/A - By Gina D'Amico

    I sent the Ritter Sport Biscuit to a friend in NY for hrr birthday. They arrived in time and my friend commented she loved them.

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