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Moose Munch Dark Impulse Box: 6 Count

1.8 lbs - Item Id: 10-00851


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Regular Price: $21.95

Special Price $17.56

/ $2.93 per Box

Moose Munch Dark Impulse Box: 6 Count The popcorn is lighter and fluffier. The caramel is richer and tastier - the nuts are better, too! Giant whole cashews and almonds, roasted to perfect crispness. We add the world's finest chocolates to create a rich, unique snacking sensation. Each box is 4.5oz. Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts

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Product Reviews

  • Posted 9/9/2013

    grandma - By Mary

    The moose munch was delicious, just the right proportions of dark chocolate coated popcorn and almonds and glazed popcorn and almonds. You definitely need to purchase this in a six pack or larger!

  • Posted 2/7/2012

    moose crunch - By Marge M Priest

    I really love this moose crunch. It is as good as Harry and Davids version. I would order it again

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