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LINDT: Dark Bittersweet Swiss Bar: 12 Count

2.8 lbs - Item Id: 10-00792


Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $39.95

Special Price $31.96

/ $2.66 per Each

Dark Bittersweet Swiss Bar: 12 Count LINDT: The Swiss Classic Bars are created with the original Swiss chocolate recipe developed with passion and dedication by Lindt Master Chocolatiers since 1845. Each bar is approximately 3.5oz. Flavor: Dark Chocolate

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Product Reviews

  • Posted 6/30/2014

    Individual - By Carole

    Terrific product; I don't understand why it has been discontinued by Lindt.

  • Posted 4/23/2014

    Lindt Bittersweet review - By Lelia

    Dark chocolate with an edge. Don't be afraid, at 60% this is easy on your stomach, but lively on your taste buds. Let each piece melt on your tongue and pair with your favorite beverage, coffee, tea, or even cold milk. One strip of 5 pieces is satisfying and will not break your diet.

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