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Chocolate Malt Balls: 10LB Case

10.0 lbs - Item Id: 30-24619


Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $89.95

Special Price $71.96

/ $7.20 per Pound

Creator of The Original Gourmet Jelly Beanå, Jelly Belly have been delighting with their gourmet sweets since 1869. Chocolate Malt Balls: 10LB Case Chocolate Malt balls from Jelly Belly. Big, crispy malt balls smothered in thick milk chocolate. A real treat! Flavor: Chocolate, Assorted
DISCLAIMER: 10lb Jelly Belly bulk cases are shipped in a food grade cardboard box. NO INNER LINING is supplied as it would affect the quality of the product due to humidity.

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