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     Albanese Reserve
     Dana's Bakery
     Dubble Bubble
     Dum Dum
     Harry London
     Jelly Belly
     Jolly Rancher
     Laffy Taffy
     Melville Candy
     Other Brands
          100 Grand
          3 Dee
          Adams & Brooks
          After Eight
          Albert‘s & Son
          Allan Candy
          Allan Candy Co
          Almond Roca
          Anastasia Confections
          Anchor Hocking Glass
          Andre Prost, Inc
          Angry Birds
          Anthon Berg
          Arway Confections
          Asher‘s Confections
          Asturi Fine Foods
          Atkinson Candy
          Au'Some Candies
          Baby Bottle
          Baby Bottle Pops
          Baby Ruth
          Bali‘s Best
          Baron's Confections
          BB Bats
          BC Imports
          Beauty Sweeties
          Bee International
          Belgium Chocolate
          Belgium‘s Chocolate Source
          Berkley & Jensen
          Big League Chew
          Big Sky
          Big Slice
          Birnn Chocolates
          Black Cow
          Black Forest
          Blink Pop
          Blommer Chocolate
          Bloomfield Bakers
          Bloomsberry & Co
          Blow Pop
          Bon Bon Boom
          Bone Suckin
          Boston America
          Boston Baked Beans
          Boston Fruit
          Bottle Caps
          Brown & Haley
          Bubble Crush
          Bubble Tape
          Bubble Yum
          Bull‘s Eyes
          C I S Marketing
          C.Howard Co
          Cadbury Adams
          Cal Fruit & Nuts
          Candy Blox
          Candy Crush
          Candy Palent
          Candy Tech
          Cavendish & Harvey
          CeDe Candy
          Cereal Ingredients
          Charleston Chew
          Charlie Brown
          Chase Candy Company
          Chicago Importing Company
          Choice Food LLC
          Chuao Chocolatier
          Chupa Chups
          Claeys Candy
          Clif Bar & Company
          Cold Stone
          Con Agra
          Cote D‘ Or
          Country Archer
          Country Fresh Fudge
          Cow Tails
          Crave Mmm
          Cry Baby
          Crystal Temptations
          Cyber Snacks
          Cyber Sweets
          Daprano & Company
          Darrell Lea
          Dayton Nut
          Dayton Nut Specialties
          De La Rosa
          Demets Candy Company
          DGL Group
          Dillon Candy
          Divine Chocolate
          Doscher's Candies
          Dryden & Palmer
          Face Twisters
          Factory of Fun
          Ferrara Pan
          Ferrero Rocher
          Flash Pop
          Fluffy Stuff
          Ford Gum
          Foreign Candy
          Fort Knox
          Frankford Candy
          French Chew
          Fruit By The Foot
          Fruitie Tootie
          Fun Dip
          Fun Express
          Funmaker LLC
          Gator Pops
          General Mills
          Georgia Nut
          Georgia Nut Company
          Gerritt Verburg
          Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
          GGB of Raleigh LLC
          Gibson Farms
          Gimbal's Brothers, Inc
          Gin Gins
          Go Lightly
          Go Naturally
          Golden Bon Bon
          Goo Goo
          Good & Plenty
          Goody Good Stuff
          Granola Kitchen
          Green & Black‘s
          Group Sales Inc
          Guittard Chocolate
          Guylian USA
          Hammond's Candies
          Harcos LLC
          Harry & David
          Harry Potter
          Hawaiian Host
          Helen Grace
          Hello Kitty
          Hilco Corp
          Hint Mint
          Hissee Fit Snake
          Honey Stinger
          Hot Lix
          Hot Tamales
          Hotlix Candy
          Hubba Bubba
          Idaho Candy Company
          Imaginings 3
          Impact Confections
          International Food
          Invision Enterprises Inc
          James‘ Candy
          Judy‘s Candy
          Juicy Drops
          Juicy Twists
          Junior Mints
          Just Born
          Kandy Kastle
          Kandy Kays, Inc
          Kendon Candies
          Kendon's Candies
          Kerry, Inc
          Kiddie Mix
          Kidz Confections
          Kimmie Candy Company
          King Leo
          Kit Kat
          Kookaburra Liquorice
          Lake Champlain
          Laymon Candy
          Leaf Brands LLC
          Leslie Candy Co.
          Liberty Orchards
          Lightening Bugs
          Lime Calipso
          Linda‘s Lollies
          Lindt & Sprungli
          Long Boys
          Long Grove Confections
          Lord of the Rings
          LSQ Funding Group
          Lucas Zone
          Lucky Country Inc
          Lyndon Reede
          Madi K's
          Madrona Specialty Foods
          Magna Foods
          Mallow Cup
          Marich Confectionery
          Mark Avenue
          Mary Jane
          Maxfield Candy Co
          Mederer USA Inc
          Mike & Ike
          Milk Duds
          Milky Way
          Monogram International
          Moose Munch
          Morris National
          My Favority Company
          Nancy Adams
          Nik L Nips
          Now & Later
          OAK LEAF
          Oh Henry!
          Old Dominion Peanut
          Peanut Chews
          Pixy Stix
          Plantation Candies
          Power Belts
          PRAIM Group
          Prancing Pets
          Push Pops
          Quality Candy
          Red Bird
          Red Hots
          Red Vines
          Rendez Vous
          Richardson Brands
          Ring Pops
          Russell Stover
          Scharffen Berger
          Seattle Chocolates
          Sky Bar
          Slim Jim
          Sno Caps
          Soda Pop
          Sour Punch
          Squire Boone
          Squirrel Nut Zippers
          Star Wars
          Sugar Babies
          Sugar Daddy
          Sunflower Food & Spice Co
          Super Bubble
          Supreme Chocolatier
          Sweet Maple
          Sweet Shop
          Sweet‘s Candy Company
          Taffy Town
          TAKE 5
          Taste of Nature
          The Ginger People
          Tic Tac
          Tierra Nueva
          Tiger Pops
          Tiny Beanies
          Tootsie Pops
          Tootsie Roll
          Torie & Howard
          Toxic Waste
          Toy Story
          Treat Street
          Tropical Fruit & Nut
          Twinkle Candy
          Valor Chocolate
          Warrell Classic Company
          Wild N Fruity
          Wild Ophelia
          Words Confections Inc
          World Confections Inc.
          World‘s Biggest
          World‘s Largest
          Wythe Will
          Yum Junkie
          Yummy Earth
     Pop Rocks
     Sour Patch
     Swedish Fish
     Too Good Gourmet
Candy Types
     Baking & Toppings
          Candy Toppings
          Chips & Melting Wafers
          Sprinkles & Jimmies
     Bulk Candy
          Bulk Unwrapped Candy
          Bulk Unwrapped Chocolate
          Bulk Wrapped Candy
          Bulk Wrapped Chocolate
     Candy Bars
          Fun / Snack Size Candy Bars
          Giant Candy Bars
          Gourmet Candy Bars
          Standard Size Candy Bars
          XL / King Size Candy Bars
     Candy by the Pound
          1 Pound & Under
          2 Pounds
          3 Pounds
          4 Pounds
          5 Pounds & Over
     Candy Canes
          Flavored Candy Canes
          Gourmet Candy Canes
          Mini Candy Canes
     Candy Corn
          Candy Corn Assortments
          Candy Corn Packs
          Flavored Candy Corn
     Candy Sticks
          Candy Stick Assortments
          Old Fashioned Candy Sticks
          Small Sticks
          Caramel Bars
          Caramel Creams
          Caramel Squares
          Chocolate Assortments
          Chocolate Bars
          Chocolate Covered Fruit
          Chocolate Covered Nuts
          Chocolate Liquors
          Chocolate Pretzels
          Dark Chocolate
          Gourmet Chocolate
          Milk Chocolate
          White Chocolate
     Cookies & Wafers
     Cotton Candy
          Carnival Cotton Candy
          Cotton Candy Lollipops
          Flavored Cotton Candy
          20's Candy
          30's Candy
          40's Candy
          50's Candy
          60's Candy
          70's Candy
          80's Candy
          90's Candy
     Display Equipment & Supplies
          Containers & Bags
          Glass Jars
          Gumball Machines
          Scoops & Tongs
     Foil Wrapped
          Foil Wrapped Balls
          Foil Wrapped Coins
          Foil Wrapped Liquors
     Fruit Slices
          Fruit Slices Assortments
          Individual Fruit Slice Flavors
          Mini Fruit Slices
          Fudge Slabs
          Fudge Trays
          Gourmet Fudge
     Giant / King Size
     Gum & Bubble Gum
          Gum Packs
          Novelty Gum Packs
          Gum Drops
          Gummy Bears
          Gummy Belts
          Gummy Fish
          Gummy Rings
          Gummy Worms
          Sour Gummies
     Hard Candy
          Classic Hard Candy
          European Hard Candy
          Hard Candy Assortments
          Hard Candy Mints
          Ribbon Candy
     Healthy Indulgence
          All Natural
          Dairy Free
          Gluten Free
          Heart Healthy
          Low Cholesterol
          Peanut Free
          Sodium Wise
          Sugar Free
          Tree Nut Free
          Whole Grain
          Zero Trans Fat
          Giant Jawbreakers
          Jawbreaker Lollipops
          Small Jawbreakers
     Jelly Beans
          Classic Jelly Beans
          Gourmet Jelly Beans
          Jelly Bean Gift Sets
     Jordan Almonds
          Chocolate Covered Almonds
          Yogurt Covered Almonds
          Austalian Licorice
          Black Licorice
          Licorice Assortments
          Licorice Twists
          Red Licorice
          Specialty Licorice
     Lollipops & Suckers
          Bulk Lollipops
          Gourmet Lollipops
          Swirl Lollipops
          Twist Lollipops
          Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
          Marshmallow Bars
          Marshmallow Poles
          Chewy Mints
          Chocolate Mints
          Hard Candy Mints
     Novelty Candy
          Candy Toys
          Licensed Candy
          Liquid & Spray Candy
     Old Fashioned Candy
     Powder Sweets
     Rock Candy
          Rock Candy Crystals
          Rock Candy Sticks
          Rock Candy Strings
          Corn Sticks
          Dried Fruit
          Dried Vegetables
          Fruit Snacks
          Brazil Nuts
          Chocolate Covered Nuts
          Mixed Nuts
          Pine Nuts
          Raw Nuts
          Roasted Nuts
          Salted Nuts
          Seasoned Nuts
          Unsalted Nuts
          Rice Crackers
          Soy Nuts
          Toasted Corn
          Trail Mix
          Yogurt Covered
     Sour Candy
          Sour Gummies
          Sour Hard Candy
          Sour Powder Candy
     SweeTarts Candy
          Salt Water Taffy
          Taffy Bars
          Taffy Chews
     Theater Boxes
          Butter Toffee
          English Toffee
          Toffee Bars
     Wax Candy
          Pastel Assorted
          Dark Blue
          Light Blue
          Dark Green
          Light Green
          Hot Pink
          Light Pink
          Dark Purple
          Light Purple
     Silver / Grey
Party Themes
     Autumn / Fall
     Baby Shower
          It‘s a Boy
          It‘s a Girl
     Father‘s Day
     Mardi Gras
     Mother‘s Day
     New Year‘s
     St. Patrick Day
     Thank You
     Tropical & Luau
     Valentine‘s Day
     Vegas & Casino
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