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Bulk Ice Cubes Wrap: 22LB

22.0 lbs - Item Id: 10-01270


Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $149.95

Special Price $119.96

/ $5.45 per Pound

Bulk Ice Cubes Wrap: 22LB Ice cubes are a hazelnut flavored milk chocolate that gives you a cool sensation when you take a bite into it.... what could be better?. Each piece is individually wrapped.
Approximately 40 pieces per pound. Flavor: Chocolate, Hazelnut

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  • Posted 12/5/2010

    AWESOME ICE CUBES! These are great when they do melt! - By Edward J. Fleury

    Nothing is tastier than the ICE CUBE! We stick them in the freezer and then when craving a few, grab them and pop them into our warm mouth, and then the fun begins. Awesome creaminess, flavor and meltability. We loved them as a child, Mother loved them, and they are still OUR FAVORITE candy.

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