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Amber Rock Candy Crystals: 5 LBS

5.0 lbs - Item Id: 30-00442


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Regular Price: $24.95

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/ $3.99 per Pound

Amber Rock Candy Crystals: 5 LBS

Pure cane sugar crystals! These amber rock sugar crystals are great for topping ice cream, muffins, or cookies, as well as sweetening beverages. The richly colored candy has been used in everythingÓfrom jewelry store displays to dressing up cocktails.

Kosher Certified
Made in the USA

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Product Reviews

  • Posted 2/11/2015

    ms - By joanne

    These were not the candy I thought that they were. I was looking for rock candy that had an anise flavor in them with an amber color. I was very disapionted.

  • Posted 12/9/2014

    GREAT Candy Crystals - By Marcia

    These candy crystals are GREAT in tea! I highly recommend.

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