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Truffle Candy

First invented by the French at the end of the 19th Century, the decadent, ever-succulent Truffle reigns supreme among all other chocolates. In our Truffle Candy section you can search through page upon page of this heavenly treat. Feast your eyes (and hopefully your appetite) on our dark chocolate Swiss Mint Truffles and imagine them melting slowly in your mouth. If you just can't choose one flavor, try one of our indulgent Assorted Truffle boxes and lose yourself in exquisite chocolate ecstasy. Our Truffle Candy section offers some of the most delectabe chocolate treats ever created and we entreat you to try a bite, or two.
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The truffle is a traditional confectionery consisting most typically, cocoa powder dusted or smooth chocolate coating filled with ganache, cream, melted chocolate, caramel, nuts, fruit, nougat, fudge, toffee, mint, marshmallow, liquor and or anything else delicious. Created by Frenchman, M. Dufour in Chamberry in 1895, the confection borrows its name from the highly prized truffle fungus aka "The Diamond of the Kitchen," whose shape the early iterations of this most delectable of desserts is said to resemble. Whether you're seeking American, European truffles will have you salivating with its impressive selection of this bold and beautiful confections.
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