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TobleroneThe first batch of the Swiss Alp's legendary Toblerone bars made mouths water more than a hundred years ago. Today, Toblerone still offers their scrumptious blend of pure honey, flavorful nougat pieces and delectable chocolate to indulge your panging, sweet-toothed desires. Available in four flavors, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and bittersweet dark chocolate, Toblerones are as tasty as tasty can be! Snap off a pyramid-shaped chunk or eat the whole bar! Chances are, you will prefer the latter...

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The MatterhornJean Tobler spent many years selling other peoples chocolate before he and fellow chocolatier Emil Baumann put their heads together in 1908 and created the now famous milk-chocolate Toblerone Bar. The name is a combination of Tobler's own and "torrone," the Italian term for the honey and almond nougat filling each of the bars distinctive triangular segments.  Modeled after the infamous Matterhorn peak in the Alps of their native Switzerland, Toblerone chocolates are world class confections, not just for the jet-setters anymore!

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