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Sweet Shop USA Handmade ChocolatesSweet Shop Candies is dedicated to providing the finest chocolate confections with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients.  Their pure butter, smooth whipped cream chocolate truffles are simply extraordinary.  Sink your teeth into the rich chocolate shell of a Swiss Mint Truffle and savor the creamy chocolate mint at the center.  You say you can't have sugar? No problem! Sweet Shop Candies has an extra special Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffle just for you! Each and every delicious chocolate truffle is enough to make any true lover of chocolate confections swoon with desire.  Try some of your own today!

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The Sweet Market Cornered?

Sweet Shop was established in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1972 and since has been a proud, family-owned producer of hand-made chocolates and confections.  The company has received national recognition for its over one hundred varieties of handmade truffles, fudges loves, chewies, nuts and famous Brags.  Using pure butter, fine quality chocolate, whipping cream, kosher preparation methods and human, rather than automated labor, Sweet Shop seems to truly deserve its lofty reputation.  Decide for yourself today at!

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