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SunkistWith a name like Sunkist, you expect the juiciest fruits and the brightest flavors.  That's exactly what you'll get when you bite into their candy Fruit Slices or pop a few Fruit Gems into your mouth.  Sunkist pledges that all their candies are preservative free, so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

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Missed Sunkist on the NYSE Ticker?

OrangesIf you harbored designs to invest in Sunkist, your best bet is to remain a customer.  That's because Sunkist is not a corporation, but a not-for-profit cooperative comprised of citrus growers hailing from California and Arizona. In fact, its the oldest continually operating citrus cooperative in the U.S. and the largest marketing cooperative of fruit and vegetable products on the entire planet.

When the U.S. transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, it revolutionized not only passenger travel, but trade as well. With relative speed and modest expense, products that could traditionally only be produced and consumed in certain localities now become nationally available. Among these products were the sun-soaked citrus fruits of the west coast.  By 1877, the east began developing a taste for these fruits, especially oranges and growers saw they could maximize their competitive advantage by uniting to get the fruits of their labor to eager customers around the country.  By 1893 the California Fruit Exchange was formed, changing its name to the snappier sounding "Sunkist" by 1926.

From fruit, to juices, soft drinks and now candy, Sunkist is synonymous with freshness and quality.

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