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Stride¨ - The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum¨


Stride gum's story began on a predictably cold day in February 2005. A research document making its way around the factory indicated that people had resigned themselves to the short life span of gum. Stride's lead scientist, Bernard Lock read this report enraged. He knew America deserved better.

The next day, he gathered a team of scientists and briefed them on a top-secret project. In the airtight underground laboratories below the Stride factory he demanded a gum that lasts!

The team immediately got to work. But after a few near suffocations, air vents were added to the airtight laboratories. Once installed, work resumed.

By the spring of 2006, the team had done it. They created a gum with a flavor that lasted longer than any test subject's jaw could handle. In fact, after testing the gum out himself, it was our fearless leader Donald who accidentally muttered those memorable words "The ridiculously long lasting gum." Turns out he was trying to say, "I think I just bit my tongue." The misinterpretation stuck.

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