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SconzaSconza Candies has been manufacturing fine chocolate and sugar confections for almost 80 years.

Originally only making peanut brittle in their own kitchen, the Sconza family tradition has followed new and delicious directions by perfecting an assortment of mouth watering Jawbreakers and creamy chocolate treats. Yum!

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The Jawbreaker

Assorted JawbreakersJawbreakers, AKA Gobstoppers are candies famous for their tough exterior and general intractability.  Though they probably can't break your jaw or stop your gob per se, it's important to exercise caution when consuming these candies as some can be as large as 8 centimeters in diameter and have been known, very occasionally, to burst when heated to a high temperature!  A confectionery staple for over 100 years, Jawbreakers are made with the panning process that piles hundreds of layers around an initial grain of candy substance, sometimes for two weeks or more until candies reach the desired size.  Many Jawbreakers are layered with different flavors and colors, giving extra incentive to worry those tough shells down.    

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