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Quality Candy

Starting with a used lollipop machine in 1986, to current day, the Quality Candy Company is now housed in a 50,000-square-foot factory that produces close to 20 million pounds of candy annually. You can say Quality Candy has become an impressive presence in the industry.

Now, one of the largest lollipop and candy sticks manufacturers west of the Rocky Mountains, Quality Candy has a big reputation to uphold. However, after sampling the company's Sour Fruit Balls or Assorted Lollipops you'll see that it lives up to its name, and then some!
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Quality Candy began in 1986 with a guy named Pierre Redmond, a truckload of used lollipop making equipment and a dream.  The classic American story. Redmond's goal was simple; to produce quality candy for the food service industry.  That he did, and soon Quality Candy was synonymous for just that. Wanting to expand his brand, Redmond has since acquired King Leo and Gilliam candy brands. Now producing more than 20 million pounds of candy annually, Quality Candy hasn't lost sight of its original goal. The candy's still great and the price is right at
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