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Powder Candy

If the lollipops, jawbreakers and other delectable goodies from our bulk candy store aren't satisfying your sweet tooth fast enough, our powder candy definitely will! These novel offerings melt on the tongue, with flavors that range from exotic fruits to lip-puckering sours. A huge hit with kids and adults alike, powdered treats from our bulk candy store are great for your sweet stash, retail sales or fun favors to make birthday parties a reason to really cut loose. When you buy candy online from Candy.com, be sure to take a look at our wide selection of powdered candy.

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Pixi Sticks

A perennial favorite in the powdered candy world, Pixi Sticks are brightly colored tubes of paper or plastic filled with colored powder for a quick sugar fix. While traditionally the size of a drinking straw, classic Pixi Sticks have recently been supersized into 22 inch long tubes that can be passed around or enjoyed individually for a particularly indulgent treat. Candy.com carries several different sizes and packaging options to ensure you get all the bulk Pixi Sticks you need.

Lick and Dip

These combo candies combine the longevity of a lollipop with an instant boost of flavor from sweet powder. To enjoy these bulk candy treats, simply lick the lollipop stick and dip into the pouch or container of powder and lick again. Like getting two great tastes in one, Lick and Dips can usually be closed and stored if they aren't finished in one sitting. With multiple styles and display options for lick and dip candies in our online candy store, these unique treats can be easily added to your store or party favor roster with just a click.

Pop Rocks

Snap, crackle, pop! These potent popping candies have captured the hearts and tastebuds of candy-loving consumers for years. Available in classic flavors like strawberry and watermelon and new twists like the salty-sweet limon, they're like a snack and entertainment in one. Buy candy online from Candy.com and get all the tongue-tingling Pop Rocks you need in one convenient online candy store.

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