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Mars, Incorporated is the creator of dozens of the world's top candy products that we have all grown to love and crave. Most well known for its signature candy M&M's, Mars strives to produce candies, chocolate bars, and other confections everyone can enjoy! Whether you want to munch on a handful of rainbow bright Skittles or savor the smooth chocolaty nougat of a 3 Musketeers Bar, Mars has this and more. Indulge on some of your all time favorites or try something new today!

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M&M'sForrest Mars got the idea for M&M's when he was in Spain in the 1930s.  During that nation's civil war, soldiers often carried chocolate pellets for energy on the battlefield, which was not unheard of but these had hard candy coating to protect them against the Iberian sun.  Believing he could produce a similar confection, Forrest set to work, producing the first of his now world-famous M&M's. Like their Spanish predecessor, these bite-sized chocolate pellets would melt in consumer's mouths rather than in their hands.

M&M's were named for the surnames of two giants of the candy business-- one being Forrest Mars son of candy magnate Frank Mars of the Mars brand, the other being Bruce Murrie, son of then Hershey president William Murrie. Why name your flagship confection after a rival?  Well, for one, Bruce Murrie owned a 20% stake in the M&M project and there was also the matter of Hershey controlling most of the American wartime chocolate ration, meaning that most of the original M&M's were actually made from Hershey's chocolate.

Originally featured in brown, yellow, red, green and violet and available mainly to U.S. armed service personnel only, M&M's have undergone some changes over the years.  Yet, despite shifting colors, faces, flavors and personalities, M&M's have remained true to their original promise, as this tasty part of American candy history will still never melt in your hand. Rediscover classic originals or try some rarer Mars lines today at Candy.com!     

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