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Marich ConfectioneryMarich Confections strives to maintain a balance between the taste, texture and appearance of all of their delicious confections. Whether you are in the mood to sample some savory Pumpkin Spice Caramels or take a bite out of a tasty Milk Chocolate Graham Cracker, Marich offers plenty of variety while still preserving the quality and flavor of their confections. Sample something new today!

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Marich ConfectionsMarich Confections was founded in 1983, by veteran candy inventor Marinus van Dam.  Marinus was only 15 when his father, a member of the Dutch resistance during WWII, was thrown in a concentration camp.  In order to support his struggling family, Marinus took a janitorial job at a candy factory in Rotterdam and was soon noticed by the management for his interest in and skill at candy making.  With their help, Marinus attended a Dutch candy technology school, where he excelled, graduating with several degrees.

The war over, Marinus emigrated to the U.S. in 1957, where he obtained a job with Goelitz as a candy designer and proceeded to create many of that companies high profile confections, including the JellyBelly jelly bean.  After years of service, Marinus started his own company, Marich Confections.
Marich Confections
Operating out of Hollister, California, Marich Confections specializes in gourmet, chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  Sample some of Marinus' legacy today at!

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