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Long Grove Confectionery CompanyThe Long Grove Confectionery Company is dedicated to creating delicious, hand-crafted chocolates.  With a legacy spanning over 150 years, this unique candy company specializes in creamy chocolate treats ranging anywhere from smooth and crunchy Spring Bavarian Chocolate Pretzels to their well-known mixed nut chocolate Myrtles.  Sink your teeth into a Milk Chocolate Crisp Pop or simply savor a generously sized Large Peanut Butter CupSample all of this and more in our Long Grove Confectionary section!

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The Illustrious Pretzel

PretzelPretzels, the popular snack that nearly killed a certain president, have a history extending long past the lifetime of Rold Gold.  Accounts place the origin of the pretzel at the year 610 CE, when an Italian monk allegedly baked the first batch as a reward to pious children who learned their prayers.  Made from wheat flour, water, sugar and yeast, brushed with lye and sprinkled with salt, the distinct pretzel design is supposed to resemble a figure crossing his arms over his chest. Because of the lack of eggs, dairy or lard, pretzels became popular as a lent and easter food and were even hidden along with eggs for children to search for during the latter season.  Additionally, the origin of the phrase "tying the knot" is attributed to the medieval practice of using pretzels to symbolize the joining of two families in matrimony. 

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