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Liquid Sweets

Welcome to our Liquid Sweet section! Years ago, when most of us were little kids, we used to rush into our favorite sweet shops and buy an assortment of goodies. Among the treats that made our mouths water were Nik-L-Nip soft wax bottles with their delicious sugary nectar and chew-off tops. You can find this nostalgic treat here in the Liquid Treat section in numerous flavorful varieties! Be daring and try our Warhead Super Sour Candy spray or savor our squishy and sweet Juicy Oozers. We will work with you to satisfy all of your liquid sweets cravings!Whether a syrup, cordial or juice-- packed in wax or coated in chocolate, liquid sweets are a fun and tasty way to enjoy a treat without even having to chew! Our liquid treats range from filled candies, classic wax bottles and decadent, chocolate-coated liquors. Try them all!
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