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Kandy Kastle IncThis San Diego based candy and toy designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes all its own products, partnering with brands such as Hello Kitty to create some interesting candy combinations. Whatever your desire, has your hookup for Kandy Kastle products!

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Vertical vs. Horizontal Integration

You probably remember first hearing about vertical and horizontal integration in a high school civics, or economics class.  If you're haven't gotten there yet, or need a little refresher, here's how it works.

Vertically integrated companies, (such as Kandy Kastle inc.) are a series of industries or businesses, united under the same ownership for a common cause, such as the production and sale of candy.  The most famous proponent of this system (and its credited inventor) was Andrew Carnegie, the steel Baron of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Horizontally integrated companies tend to be large, single businesses that attempt to expand across as far as possible across a single industry.  Such a company may offer only a single good or service, but its goal is to grow its business by making that good or service an industry standard.   
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