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Jelly BellyDid you know that Jelly Belly Jelly Beans were the first candy to be sent to outer space?  For years the Jelly Belly Candy Company has been producing hundreds of delicious candy products with the most noteworthy being the scrumptious, Jelly Belly Jelly Bean.  Sample some of the 50 traditional flavors including (but certainly not limited to) Sunkist Tangerine, Toasted Marshmallow, and Apple Pie A La Mode! Not in the mood for jelly beans? Try a licorice flavor sensation with a classic Licorice Bridge Mix.  But truly, there are simply dozens of delectable flavors and delicious candies to choose from on our Jelly Belly Candy Company page.  Have a peek today!

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Now, Jelly BJelly Belly Jelly Beanselly wasn't always synonymous with the wildly popular and now iconic world's first gourmet jelly beans, available in more than fifty flavors. Before taking the world by storm, Jelly Belly used to be a successful confectionery, originally based in Belleville Illinois under the Goelitz moniker after founder Gustav Goelitz, a German immigrant who sold his homemade candies from a horse-drawn carriage as early as 1869.

Among Goelitz offerings was a fore-runner of the bar setting Jelly Belly Bean, based on the ancient fruit, honey and citrus jel confection, "Turkish Delight." This new jelly bean confection was finished off with the process of panning, which has given so many modern candies their distinctive texture, finish and taste.  Beside their candy corn and Mr. Jelly Bellyassorted gummies, the Goelitz jelly bean helped establish the company across the U.S. as a great candy maker, eventually attracting the attention of David Klein in 1976,  a Los Angeles candy distributor who had big ideas for the bean.  With Klein's inspiration and Goelitz company know-how, Jelly Belly jelly beans quickly became the de-facto king of their breed. Try all the great flavors at Candy.com!


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