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Jawbreakers Candy

Open wide - you'll need to for our sensational selection of jawbreaker candy. From manageable marble-sized spheres of sugary goodness to the more familiar behemoths that the term brings to mind, these formidable treats are an indelible part of American bulk candy culture. From the famous Everlasting Gobstopper featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to modern takes that resemble paintballs, we carry jawbreakers for every occasion. Jawbreakers are usually painted with colorful splatters on the outer shell, with a uniform white color on the inside. Slow to "melt", larger jawbreakers can take a very long time to consume, but smaller versions make a great choice for those that like their candy a little more portable. Thanks to our great prices and customer service, you won't need to hunt down an old fashioned bulk candy store to enjoy a good jawbreaker at a fair price - our online candy store puts jawbreakers of every variety at your fingertips.

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While the most common forms of this popular treat are simply round hard candies that are somewhere between a billiard ball and a golf ball in size, culinary innovation has now made it easier than ever to enjoy these sweets. Eliminate sticky fingers forever with our handy jawbreaker lollipops, which help consumers get a literal handle on tackling these candies. The lollipops can be displayed and distributed as impulse sales items or party favors, and are also easy to wrap up and store if the jawbreaker isn't consumed in one sitting. If traditional lollipops don't last as long as you want them to, jawbreaker lollipops will close the gap with delicious brightly colored layers of sweetness.

Candy.com offers several vending options in our online candy store, including bulk candy for display jars, individually poly wrapped pieces, trays, buckets and more. Jawbreakers are an eye-catching draw for children and adults alike - a one-of-a-kind treat that can be a personal indulgence or even an incentive for students in the classroom. Whether you're adding something special to a retail outlet, giving event guests a goody bag they'll never forget or just indulging a sweet tooth, buy bulk candy jawbreakers from Candy.com and get the perfect pieces at a perfect price.

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