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Hilco CorporationThe Hilco Company has been designing scrumptious candy products that are not only fun to eat, but fun to play with as well! Test your skill with one of their zany Barrel of Monkeys,complete with flavorful sugar banana candy.  Or perhaps you would be more interested in one of their unique candy toy Bubble Jump jumping ropes! Either way, we at love mixing delicious candy with delicious fun, so have a peek at our Hilco page.  You may just find that special something you were looking for!

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Monkey Business

Monkey BusinessTwo monkeys from Milton Bradley's classic "Barrel of Monkeys" game can be joined in more than eighty unique ways. While symmetric monkey patterns will eventually terminate unless bridged by interstitial monkeys, the potential for growth of asymmetrically joined monkey structures is practically infinite. Important corollary: it is essential to snack well and thoroughly when joining monkeys in order to avoid going bananas.

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