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Harry and DavidSuprisingly enough, the Harry and David company is both a gourmet candy and fruit company.  This means that they are especially committed to selecting the finest fruits for their mouth watering confections.  As the proud creators of Moose Munch, a delectable mix of toffee glazed popcorn tossed with crisp nuts and rich chocolate, Harry and David strive to offer unique candy products for casual snacking, gifts or even special occasions! These delicious confections surely should not be missed!

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Before Harry and David there was Samuel-- Samuel Rosenberg that is.  In 1910, Samuel Rosenberg decided he'd had enough of managing a luxury hotel and swapped his famous Hotel Sorrento in California for 240 acres of pear orchards in the rogue river valley of southern Oregon.  When Samuel died four years later, his sons Harry and David took over. What did these two graduate of Cornell University agricultural school know about pears? Quite a bit, actually.

The brothers were  not only skilled farmers, but savvy businessmen as well.  They decided to specialize in the highly desirable "comice" pear, due to its demand in the luxury hotels and restaurants of Europe at the time.  Naming their special strain of comice the "Royal Riviera" the brothers did exceptionally well as exporters-- that is until the great depression hit.

With Europe in turmoil and the luxury export market in tatters, Harry and David seemed all washed up.  Despite a lack of business, the pears kept growing and Harry and David began to wonder if they couldn't find a way to continue distributing their gourmet fruit domestically. A few meetings and catalog printings later and Harry and David were again open for business, this time via mail order.

Today, Harry and David splits its business between the postal service and the world wide web.  Sample some of their tantalizing tradition and expertise today at Candy.com!

Corporate Responsibility  
Comiche Pear
Harry and David understood well the importance of caring for the land and their business remains committed to the values of their founders.  Today, Harry and David recycles 99% of its corrugated products, 70% of its paper office products and has reduced its water consumption by more than 30% over the past several years. It has reduced its organophosphate use by 92% over the past eight years and composts 10s of thousands of tons of organic material annually that otherwise might have ended up in a landfill. 

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