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Ghirardelli ChocolateDid you know that San Francisco-based Ghirardelli is one of the few candy companies that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process from the tiny crunchy cocoa bean to the delicious finished product?

Starting business in 1852, Ghirardelli is one of the most widely recognized chocolate companies in the world.  Most famous for their
square-shaped chocolates, Ghirardelli never fails to please.  Try a rich, smooth chocolate bite today!

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Ghirardelli Chocolates has its origins with the adventures of world traveler and entrepreneur, Domenico Ghirardelli. Originally of Italy, Ghirardelli spent time in Uruguay as a worker in the domestic coffee and chocolate industry, before removing to San Francisco in 1849 along with so many others seduced by the allure of the Gold Rush. After an abortive stint as a miner, Ghirardelli decided he was better suited to business and started a successful tent store catering to miners in Stockton, CA. With business booming, Domenico opened a hotel and store, which were sadly destroyed by fire in 1851. After recouping what he could, the tenacious Ghirardelli decided to give it one more shot; this time the trade was chocolate once again.

Though the tribulations were far from over, that Ghirardelli's new business proved a success is plain to see. Synonymous with premium chocolate in the U.S. and beyond, Ghirardelli chocolate refines its chocolate flakes (the constituent pieces that form the squares, bars and other products offered) until they are 19 microns in diameter. For comparison sake: a human hair is 100 microns in diameter, while most commercial chocolate flakes are at least 40 microns in diameter.  The proof is in the smooth, rich, delicious Ghirardelli chocolate, available now from Candy.com!

How Do You Say?

Though certainly not the greatest obstacle Ghirardelli has had to surmount, the fact that the beautiful Italian name does not always trip so lightly off American tongues has been something of a needle for those in the know. Once upon a time, this parrot used to be included on Ghirardelli packaging.  Heed his words, for his wise squawks enlightened a generation.
Ghirardelli Parrot

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