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America's Original Dubble BubbleDid you know that bubble gum was made completely by accident toward the beginning of the 20th Century? Marketed as bubble gum under the candy company Dubble Bubble, chewing gum became so popular that it was even distributed as a military ration during WWII! Today, Dubble Bubble is going strong and not only does it still make delicious fruit flavored Gum Balls, but the terrifically tart Cry Baby Tears as well. Dubble Bubble is double the fun!

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Fleer Dubble Bubble Gum With Free Comics And Fortunes
The year is 1928. Walter E. Diemer-- a gum lover and accountant at Philadelphia, PA 
base d gum manufacturer, "Fleer"-- is experimenting with gum bases in his spare time, when he accidentally develops what some have judged to be the perfect bubble-gum recipe.  Enter Dubble-Bubble, the world's first successful bubble-gum that's great for chewing too!

After Diemer personally taught Fleer salesmen how to blow bubbles, Dubble bubble hit the market.  The concoction flew off the shelves and children everywhere began playing with their food. By 1930, Dubble Bubble's appeal increased further with the inclusion of a unique comic strip in every pack, with unforgettable characters such as "Dub," "Bub" and "Pud" reaching audiences across the U.S. and beyond through an astounding 1,002 strips over the years.

Try To Dubble That Bubble
Blowing Bubbles

Bubble blowing contests were popularized (and even televised) in 1954 by Dubble Bubble brand gum and continue to inspire enthusiasts today.  The largest bubble ever blown was in 1994 by Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, California and allegedly measured 23 inches in circumference.  When attempting such feats at home, we recommend having short hair and standing in a large, well ventilated area.

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