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Customizable Candy

Customizable candy is the perfect combination of eye-catching product and a personalized message or theme. Perfect for both personal use - party favors, wedding candy, birthday presents - and retail/resale applications, carries a large selection of customizable bulk candy products, including rock candy, lollipops and even boxed gum. Each customized item sends your image or message out to many recipients, where each sweet piece of candy will remind them of you. Better than a business card, our customized edibles will delight children and adults alike while keeping your message in mind.

Great Giveaways

Finding the right bulk candy promotional product is important; the perfect piece of customized candy is easy to eat, economical and appealing to visitors. Our boxed chewing gum, individually wrapped chocolate mints and sugar free gum make excellent giveaways, as they are small enough to be kept in a drawer or bowl but visible enough to put your logo in view. Be sure to check out our great array of promo candy imprint options, as well: These give you the option to add your own image or message for a perfectly sweet piece of marketing. With our prices and options, you won't find a better source for promotional candy online.

When it comes to selecting the right wedding candy from a wholesale candy supplier, you can either buy traditional bulk candy or get customized candy with pictures of the bride and groom. With a focus on personal touches for decor and accessories, many modern wedding planners are utilizing the unique opportunity customized wedding candy provides. Make your special day unforgettable with's customized wedding candy lollipops, mints and more.

Merchandising Marvels

Finding the right bulk candy products to match your store's theme is as easy as uploading an image! With multiple fill selections for both small and long hang tag bags, you can stock a peg wall in no time. Each header card will feature your theme image or images, giving you personalized wholesale candy products at a fantastic price. If you really want to capture customer attention, be sure to look for our wholesale candy "resticker" lollipops - special lollipops with reusable vinyl stickers that can be customized to your needs.

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