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Candy by Colors

A world without color would be a dull world indeed. And, candy without color would be just too terrible to imagine! That's why at, we guarantee our candy is exploding with color and available in every shade imaginable. From wedding white, blush pink, and spring green to cherry red, fiesta orange, corporate blue, and spooktacular black have the full candy color spectrum you need to make all of your occasions special and completely custom.
Sub-Categories is the world's largest online candy store. We top the competition with our selection, pricing, and service. When you buy candy through us, you'll discover that we go above and beyond to make the entire experience convenient, enjoyable and affordable. Our passion is candy and we want to share that passion with our customers.

To make shopping at even more fun, we have made it easy for our customers to find the candy colors they are after. When it's only a bulk candy bag of green M&M's that will do or sky blue rock candy, we make it simple for you to locate just the right shades to suit your needs.

So, why would you want to buy your candies and candy bars by the color? There are plenty of situations where having just the right shade can come in handy. They include:

Weddings: When only certain colors will do for table settings, favors and more, our candy colors will make it easy to ensure this little detail isn't overlooked. Try finding just the right shade of Jordan almonds in a corner store and you'll see why our candy colors sorting option is such a hit with customers.

Baby showers: Finding just the right candies in blues, pinks, whites and yellows can be a real pain when you buy candy elsewhere. At, we make planning showers a whole lot easier.

Holidays: Want red, white and blue M&M's for the Fourth of July? How about red and green gummies for Christmas? We've got you covered.

Other special occasions: No matter the occasion, we have the candy colors to match your decorating theme. At, we make buying candy fun. Our candy colors are ideal for everyday enjoyment or to provide the perfect accent to any party.
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