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Classic Caramel is one of the largest caramel manufacturers in the United States. The family-owned company has roots going back to 1914 when it began as York Caramel.

Today, Classic Caramel produces more than 30 different types of caramel, old-fashioned salt water taffy, and numerous toffees. It's also known for bringing much-loved nostalgic brands back to life, including Black Cow, Slo Poke, Flipsticks, and Bonomo Turkish Taffy. (Thank you Classic Caramel!)

Get all the scoop about Classic Caramel and its relaunch of Black Cow after a 25-year absence in's blog below ...

Black Cow
Black Cow
Bonomo Turkish Taffy
Bonomo Turkish Taffy
Slo Poke
Slo Poke
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From The Blog...

If youÕve been missing chewy Black Cow caramel candy, IÕve got good news. ItÕs backÑand itÕs chewier than ever...Read More

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