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Candy Cigarettes: 24 Count

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Here's a candy you'll never have to quit. Try this retro sugar stick candy today!
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Candy Cigarettes: 24 Count       is a meltable product
Ice Pack ship Free to warm zones!
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Candy Cigarettes 24 Count

Remember those good old days when you could walk into the local candy story and buy a pack of authentic candy cigarettes? Stop searching far and wide for these retro candies. Each pack contains 10 white candy sticks  and you do not need an ID for these sweets!

Candy Cigarettes Specifications
Packs Included: 24
Net Weight Per Pack: .42 ounces
Candies Per Pack: 10
Candies Per Shipment: 240
Total Shipment Weight: Approximately 1.5 pounds

Disclaimer: packages these candies in a secure manner. However, due to the fragile nature of the candy itself, the product may become broken or damaged during transit time. cannot be held responsible for any broken or damaged product related to the product.

Customer Reviews

These candy sticks are soo great!!

I absolutely love these. I used to get the ones with superheroes on them however they changed the formula and taste different. These are the original formula and taste so much better. Highly recommend!!!
Reviewed by: Tanya Levensailor from Utica, NY. on 8/31/2013

Candy Cigarettes

They are fantastic! They are back to the old "melt-in-your-mouth" formula and we will be ordering again. Thanks fore going back to the old formula! Rick Lux
Reviewed by: Rick Lux from St. Louis, MO. on 8/6/2013

Art Director

Your company was great to work with!!!! Easy quick and responce time was outstanding!!!! You should be very proud of the level of service and the easy or ordering process you provided. The Candy Cigaretts were a blast from the past every one was excited and shared memories from there childhood. It was fun! Thank You
Reviewed by: Connie from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. on 1/4/2013

Candy Cigs!

Bought these to enhance the theme of my retro cocktail party. Everyone loved them but we were disappointed they didnt have the red tips that we remembered years ago. A fun novelty!
Reviewed by: Diane from Silver lake. on 1/3/2013


Every woman, Man, and child loved these candies! We will be ordering more in the near future.
Reviewed by: Lori Geelan from 101 Glenwood ave. Apt.L11. on 12/26/2012

Candy Cigarettes

We ordered them for an event and they worked great!
Reviewed by: Meredith Commender from Dallas, Texas. on 12/12/2012


Got the order and it was exactly what I was looking for. My kids had grown up with these and until now we could only find them in Old Town in San Diego. Glad I found your website. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by: Micki White from Oregon. on 12/8/2012


The candy was a great novelty. Some people complained that the cigarettes weren't individually wrapped and that the packs themselves weren't wrapped. Also had complaints that the labels say the candy has BOVINE GELATIN in it. Probably a necessary ingredient and better than pork gelatin... but none the less unappetizing.
Reviewed by: Dick Birns from Talahassee. on 11/17/2012

Awesome Costume Addition ~ Rocks With Friends!!

Thank you so much for having the candy cigarettes I needed to have to complete my costume at a convention I had attended. They were the perfect item to make my costume get rave reviews. Thank you again for having them. They were actually a hard item to find on the internet.
Reviewed by: Conde Holt from Kirkland. on 11/6/2012

Novelty Candy

Takes me back to childhood, when we use to smoke the candy cigarettes and mimic our olders...
Reviewed by: Susan from Philadelphia, PA. on 10/19/2012


Love them!
Reviewed by: Laura from Atlanta, GA. on 10/15/2012


My nephew was very pleased to get this item. He enjoyed them very much.
Reviewed by: Paulette Mertz from Mandan ND. on 10/15/2012

Loved them!

I loved the candy cigarettes. They arrived quickly and in good shape. I was transported back to my youth. Loved them!
Reviewed by: Sharon Compton from Manassas, VA. on 9/8/2012


I always loved these candies as a kid and still love them as an adult. The product was fresh and delicious!
Reviewed by: Amanda Ryan from Massachusetts. on 7/2/2012


Just like I remember when I was young. Love them. Thanks for keeping them real.
Reviewed by: Fleeta Schnebly from SEATTLE. on 5/16/2012


The candy cigarettes were perfect. Exactly what I used to get when I was a little girl. Bought it for my grandkids. Hope the police don't arrest me!! HA
Reviewed by: Judy Vienne from LA. on 3/13/2012

just me

Awesome to do business with you. Your speed is unbelievable. And everyone always wants to know where we can buy these old time favorites. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by: Suzy from CA. on 2/21/2012

Candy Cigarettes

My husband and I went to a sing-a-long viewing of the movie GREASE at a theater with friends. Since I knew that many of the patrons would be wearing poodle skirts, leather jackets and poka dots, I ordered candy cigarettes to add a special touch to our outfits. They were a big hit! One of our friends joked that he was going to order a truck load. The only down side was that the cigarettes were not as large as I remembered as a kid :>)
Reviewed by: Karen from Chicago area. on 2/2/2012

candy lover

I bought these for my daughter and she and her family devoured them.
Reviewed by: JMJ from Fitchburg, Mass.. on 6/20/2011


Just love the candy cigarettes, it's like being 8 years old again!
Reviewed by: Joan Grunberg from Chicago. on 6/13/2011

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