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Annabelle Candy Company IncorporatedAnnabelle Candy Company is one of the largest independently owned candy bar manufacturers in the United States.  Whether you are familiar with the ever-popular delicious crunch of Rocky Road Double Dipped bits or enjoy the scrumptious nougat taste of low-fat Big Hunk bars, the Annabelle Candy Company continues to offer candy that everyone loves!

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Annabelle Candy Company was born in San Francisco in 1950 from the dream of Sam Altshuler, a Russian emigre struggling to make ends meet.  He named his business after his daughter, and his first item, Rocky Road became an immediate hit.  To this day, Rocky Road is among the top 50 bestselling candy bars on the west coast of the U.S.

After relocating to Hayward California in 1965, Anabelle Candy entered a golden age. In 1972, it acquired Golden Nugget Candy Company and in 1978, the Cardinet Candy Company, adding the popular Aba Zabba, Big Hunk, and U-No candy bars to its expanding line.

Still privately owned and operated, Anabelle candy has built a reputation for continuing to peddle its unique and high-quality classic candies to young and old alike.

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